Ankle Replacement

What is Total Ankle Replacement?

Total Ankle Arthroscopy is commonly called ankle-replacement-podiatrist-peoria-aztotal ankle replacement.  It is one of today’s solutions for debilitating ankle arthritis.   Total Ankle Replacement replaces an arthritic joint with an implant (prosthesis).   It enables pain-free motion, and complete range of motion (normal gait).  Total ankle replacement does not put the neighboring joints at risk of arthritis.

Ankle Replacement Candidates

People with severe, painful ankle arthritis are suited for ankle replacement.  The typically age group are people in their 40’s and 60’s.  However younger aged and older aged have also had success.   Our foot and ankle surgeon at Peoria AZ Foot and Ankle Specialists will determine if it is right for you.

Ankle Replacement Recovery

The Ankle Replacement surgery takes about two hours.  An incision is made on front part of the ankle.  Arthritic bones and cartilage are removed and an implant is inserted to form the new ankle joint.  Ankle Replacement recovery takes about 8-10 weeks before a person can get around and wear a regular shoe.   In the first few weeks of recovery, there will be no weight bearing or motion of the ankle.  Crutches, walker or other aid is typically needed.

Ankle Replacement Implant Lifespan?

Lifespan of ankle replacement implants are 15-20 years.   The  plastic lining may wear out and can be replaced but if this occurs the recovery time is much shorter.

Ankle Replacement Expectations

Ankle Replacement will bring you a substantial improvement.  The Goal of surgery is to return to pain-free walking and ability to walk with full motion.  You will be able to return to everyday activities without pain such as gardening, golfing, walking, etc.


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